, is a site created and managed by “Your Own Net SAS”. Your Own Net SAS is a French company specialized in the provision of IT solution.

We have knowledge, and we want to share it. Our employees are computer scientists and have many years of experience in the areas of server hosting, networks, operating systems, databases or even software installation and maintenance.
We have convictions and we want to apply them. The opensource is not just a model of licensing. It is also the desire to share knowledge with as many people as possible. All our solutions are designed with the greatest number of technologies and free software and it’s our motto: opensource for everyone.
We have ambition and we want you to benefit. Our offers are available worldwide (servers located on the American, European and Asian continents). Our applications are enriched from year to year for a more complete solution, better secure and more efficient.

Opensource by default. The number and quality of opensource solutions allows us to design our offers, whether for the network (VPN, firewall, …) .For operating systems (Linux debian, ubuntu, …) , databases (mariadb, mysql, mongodb, …) and dedicated security software (waf, fail2ban, openvas, …).
Best practices are in reference to our technical architectures. We use the best practices provided by IT companies (such as Cisco SAFE), or public bodies such as the ANSSI guides: (national security agency for information system).
Control: all data centers are certified (Tier III + at least, ISO27001 and ISO27002 for French standards). In addition, we regularly analyze the quality of our installations . For example with Nextcloud, we use the security scanner provided by the publisher, and bring the best level of security possible.

The climate commitment at Open IT Store

We try as much as possible to take hosts in accordance with our principles of protecting the planet : that is to say by using renewable energies (like Hetzner in Germany), or by offering data centers with high efficiency energy (like Scaleway and its DC5). Unfortunately, we make compromises on this point, because you also have to find the right service/price ratio. The hosting of the services of each customers is located in the nearest datacenter, to limit the use of the long-distance network.

For our computer equipment, no compromise this time, our entire fleet is second-hand : servers, desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones. The use of Linux on this material makes it possible to durably prolong the use of this equipment. If the performance is no longer there, the equipment is resold or donated to associations.

The trips of our employees to work and to customers are done as much as possible by soft transport (bicycle) or by the least polluting transport (train).

In the premises of our headquarters :

  • bicycle garage made available to enhance this transport
  • remote work to limit polluting travel
  • dry toilet to save water
  • use of second-hand furniture
  • premises powered by renewable energy (hydro-electric)

Anti facebook business model: “if the service is not paying, it is you (and your data) the product”. Conversely, we provide paid services, so that we ensure the protection of your data. At no time do we disclose or use your data.
Data protection: As a European company and data manager of European citizens and companies, we implement the GPDR. You can have more information about your rights on our dedicated page.