Store / Backup your files. Work / Collaborate online.
Nextcloud offers a wide choice of uses.

Experience Nextcloud hosting on dedicated servers! Elevate your storage and collaboration capabilities with our secure and efficient cloud solution. Discover the power of dedicated servers tailored specifically to your business needs. Optimize your workflow, enhance data management, and unleash the full potential of Nextcloud. Join us now for unparalleled performance and reliability.

Store, work, share

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Store all your files in one place: viewable on any device (PC, laptop, mobile, tablet).

Work your documents online with an Office-type suite (OnlyOffice or Collabora), in collaborative mode or not.

Share with others your files, images, … by defining the access rights yourself.

Organize your time or collaborate with your team

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Organize your work thanks to the integrated calendar management, note management or task sharing tool (app deck).

Powerful collaboration tools are available as standard in Nextcloud : on an Office-type document or by using the Talk application allowing you to exchange in real time with different means (chat, video, shared screen).

Multi users

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No user limit for our dedicated solutions : you define yourself the users who have the right to have their own access account. Each user can then share directories or files with other defined users.


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Nextcloud is developed by a community of developers and under the aegis of Nextcloud GmbH.

Free access to the software code is essential to control its security, but also its sustainability, because any new development team can take over this code.

Multi devices

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There is no limit to the number of devices that can connect to your Nextcloud user account. You can use this solution on PC (Windows, Mac-OS and Linux) and on mobile / tablet (Android and iOS).

Synchronization of your contacts and calendars with your different existing solutions (android, iOS, thunderbird, etc.) is also possible, thanks to the use of standard protocols: calDAV and cardDAV.

For more specific uses, Nextcloud allows the use of the webdav protocol, or access via an API.

A feature-rich marketplace

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Nextcloud’s functionalities are continuously enriched, thanks to the development of the community, but also thanks to directly installable third-party applications (only for our dedicated solutions, because administrative rights are necessary).

A wide choice of additional features, to be consumed without moderation Nextcloud Apps Store.


Total independence from GAFA

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Nextcloud has no connection with the major US software / service providers. Nextcloud is even positioning itself as an alternative to Microsoft 365 services or Google’s Gsuite. We use the hosting services of major European, American and Asian suppliers.


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Nextcloud integrates many basic security features: strengthening passwords, double authentication, fine document sharing right, access control, data encryption and many other features to guarantee you full control over your data.

From the individual access account to our all-inclusive packs, a wide choice to satisfy you with Nextcloud hosting on dedicated servers.

Our job leads us to have high skills in many items.

Single Account hosting

For individuals, self-employed or small non-profits.

Basic: single account; regular updating by us of the Nextcloud service and activated applications (contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, deck, bookmark, mail, talk), outsourced, secure and daily backup, Office-like suite with OnlyOffice Docs and Collabora.

From 55€ per year

Smart Account Hosting

Dedicated service

For family use, non-profit organizations or companies.

Basic: multi-user (no limit of user accounts), rights of administration, outsourced, secure and daily backup, Office-like suite with OnlyOffice Docs and/or Collabora, SSH access.

From 35€ per year

Dedicated Nexcloud Hosting

Open source softwares and technologies for everyone.
Our job leads us to have high skills in many items.


Nextcloud offers including domain names/mailboxes.

Basic: multi-user (no limit of user accounts), rights of administration; outsourced, secure and daily backup, Office-like suite with OnlyOffice Docs and/or Collabora, SSH access.

From 125€ per year

Nexcloud Packs

The services included in our offers: Nextcloud hosting on dedicated servers.

Monitoring and Support

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Our services are based on a solid infrastructure. Powerful Linux servers, redundant storage disks, network speed at 1Gbps per server.

Supervision 365/366 days a year, 24 hours a day, allowing us to be reactive in the event of a problem.

By email in English, Spanish or French, answer within a day. 99% of tickets closed in less than a day.

Real expertise on Nextcloud with more than a thousand customers and ten thousands of daily users, to respond to your requests, help you use your service and support you in the event of a problem.


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Protections: encryption of access and backup, hardening of Operating Systems, anti DDos (against Denial of Services), firewalling (Filtering of access), anti brute force, … (VPN optional)

Certifications: ISO / IEC 27001 and 27002 (Information Security Management) for all of our server suppliers.

Best practices: application of ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) guides, verification with vulnerability scanners (openVAS, Nextcloud security scanner, …)

Compliance: in application of European laws, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is applied for all of our services. We establish a DPA (Data Process Agreement) on request between our customers and us.

Services included

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Office Suite included: Collabora Online and OnlyOffice Document Server

Backup: complete (user data, database and nextcloud files), outsourced (on another server) and secure (encrypted exchanges and datacenter different from the production service). This backup is daily and incremental, guaranteeing the minimum loss of data in the event of a disaster.

Local service (depending on your location, we host your data in Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Finland or Netherlands), in North Amercia (USA or Canada) and in Asia (Singapore or Israel), and Ocenia (Australia), sustainable hosting for the planet (our server suppliers are chosen for their energy supply policy)!


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Customer Reviews: Nextcloud Hosting on Dedicated Servers.

Thank you, that was fast — support is awesome!!


(school, Germany)

We are very happy with Nextcloud and the assistance you provide us

Non-profit organisation


We are very satisfied with the service offered to us by Open IT Store



Anyway, I really appreciated your responsiveness and I will not hesitate to advise you to those who are looking for a solution of this type in my entourage.


(Family, Canada)

Questions you might ask yourself

What is the duration of engagement ?

For the vast majority of our subscriptions, the duration is annual. Without obligation to extend, one month before the end of your subscription, we offer you a new year of subscription.

Where are your files stored ?

For European customers, all of our customers’ data is stored in Europe (Germany, France or Netherlands, and United-Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Poland comming soon) (including backup).

For North-American customers, everything is stored in Canada (US East and West coming soon).

For Asian customers, everything is stored in Singapore.

For South America, Africa and Oceania, please fell free to contact us, we can provide on-demand specific location.

Is my data encrypted ?

Data exchanges are systematically encrypted: whether between your terminals and the server or to perform the backup.

You can also encrypt your data in several ways:

  • server side: by activating this functionality globally for all stored files. Note: the service is slightly slowed down when accessing your data (around 10%), and the stored data takes up more space (around 15%).
  • client side: using a third-party application, such as “cryptomator” for PC. Note: the content encrypted by your terminals, will not be readable via the web interface, nor for any sharing with other users / people.
I can not find offers to the needs that I have!

Do not hesitate to contact us, we respond to all requests addressed to us, and offer tailor-made offers if necessary.

You have a Nextcloud service that you cannot maintain, or an upgrade that goes wrong => contact us!

You are an IT professional and want to offer Nextcloud services to your customers. We can work in white label and ensure all the technical maintenance => contact us !!