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Open IT Store who are we ?, is a website created and managed by “Your Own Net SAS.” Your Own Net SAS is a French company specialized in providing IT solutions.

Philosophy We possess knowledge, and we aim to share it. Our team consists of IT professionals with extensive experience in server hosting, networks, operating systems, databases, and the installation and maintenance of software. We have convictions, and we want to apply them. Open source is not just a licensing model; it’s also the desire to share knowledge with as many people as possible. All our solutions are designed using a wide range of open-source technologies and software – our motto is: opensource for everyone. We have ambition, and we want you to benefit from it. Our offers are available worldwide (servers located in the American, European, and Asian continents). Our applications evolve year after year for a more comprehensive, secure, and efficient solution.

Security Opensource by default. The quantity and quality of opensource solutions enable us to design our offerings for networks (VPN, firewall, …) and for operating systems (Linux Debian, Ubuntu, …), databases (MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, …) and dedicated security software (WAF, Fail2Ban, OpenVAS, …). Best practices are fundamental to our technical architectures. We adhere to the best practices provided by IT companies (such as Cisco SAFE) or public bodies like the ANSSI guides (National Security Agency for Information Systems). Control: All data centers are certified (at least Tier III+, ISO27001, and ISO27002 for French standards). Additionally, we regularly assess the quality of our installations. For example, with Nextcloud, we use the security scanner provided by the publisher to ensure the highest level of security.

Climate Commitment at Open IT Store We strive to select hosts in line with our principles of protecting the planet by using renewable energies (like Hetzner in Germany) or offering data centers with high-efficiency energy (like Scaleway and its DC5). However, compromises are made to find the right service/price ratio. Hosting services for each customer are located in the nearest datacenter to minimize long-distance network usage. For our computer equipment, there is no compromise. Our entire fleet is second-hand, including servers, desktop PCs, laptops, and smartphones. The use of Linux on this hardware prolongs its lifespan. If performance declines, the equipment is either resold or donated to associations. Employee commuting to work and customer visits is done, whenever possible, using eco-friendly transportation (bicycles) or the least polluting means (trains). At our headquarters:

Privacy An anti-Facebook economic model: “If the service is not paid, you (and your data) are the product.” In contrast, we offer paid services to ensure the protection of your data. At no point do we disclose or use your data. Data protection: As a European company and data manager for European citizens and businesses, we implement GDPR. You can find more information about your rights on our dedicated page.

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