Nextcloud Hosting Dedicated Service with Open IT Store.

Nextcloud Performance 5
10GB storage
Nextcloud Performance 10
25GB storage
Nextcloud Performance 25
50GB storage
Nextcloud Performance 50
100GB storage
35€ /year

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65€ /year

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170€ /year

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285€ /year

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Nextcloud Storage 10
1,5TB storage
Nextcloud Storage 25
2TB storage
Nextcloud Storage 50
4TB storage
Nextcloud Storage 100
8TB storage
180€ /year

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285€ /year

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575€ /year

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80€ /month

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Included with your service.

Main service : One dedicated Nextcloud service, with Nextcloud administration rights. This allows you to be able to install the Nextcloud applications according to your choice. To make version changes or to be able to create several user accounts. You also have System administration rights (Linux) in addition, allowing you to manage the server from the command line .(Nextcloud occ command, cron task, …). Choose between Performance and Storage offers. The performance offers are built with latest generation servers with SSD/NVMe disks, Last RAM technology and better processors.

Domain name : You can customize your access URL using your own existing domain name. Otherwise, we use one of our domain names to define access to your service. (In Option, you can rent a new domain name).

Online Office : Office Suite OnlyOffice Docs and/or Collabora included. 2 simultaneous accesses for Performance/Storage offers 5 and 10, then 20 simultaneous accesses included to Office services for all other offers. (as an option, we offer Office services with more than 20 simultaneous accesses).

Functional Nextcloud Talk : The TURN service is enabled for Nextcloud Talk, which allows you to use this application without functional restrictions.

Self-administration : Nextcloud service managed by you (updated service and applications), while benefiting from the help of support if necessary.

Activated applications : According to your choice in the Nextcloud application catalog.

Scalability : Edit your storage volume whenever you want. Develop the number of simultaneous connections to Office suites independently. To put a dedicated domain name for your Nextcloud service. Add a video conferencing bridge service to the Talk application for conferences with more than 10 people.

Location :
for Performance 5, 10, 25, 50 : Europe (Germany, United-Kingdom, France, Poland) or North-America (Canada – East Coast).
for Storage 10 and 25 : Europe (Germany, United-Kingdom, France, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Finland), North-America (USA, Canada), Asia (Singapore, Israel)
for Storage 50 and 100 : Europe (Germany)

Optional for your dedicated service.

Help with data migration : we accompany you integrate your existing data into your Nextcloud service. (directories/files, contacts, calendars..).

Nextcloud administration training : based on our experience of several hundred Nextcloud services. We train over half a day in best administration practices on the topics of service security, best practices for sharing, use and configuration of nextcloud applications.

Domain name and mailboxes : if you need, we can provide thoses services.

Why Use Nextcloud Dedicated Service?

Nextcloud is a very complete software for a very varied use. For example the backup, the collaboration,  the synchronization of data between several terminals .

The service offered allows you to be autonomous in the administration of the server.

The offer allows scalability according to your needs. For to increase in storage volume. for to use of the basic applications offered (online office, calendar, contact management, note taking tool in particular).

Nextcloud clients for any device.

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