staytus – Your ultimate status site

 19.99 / 12 months

We’re packing all the great features which you’ve come to expect from a hosted status page. Here’s just a few of the things you can expect from Staytus.

Why Open IT Store is the best provider for staytus ?

All services included :
* you always work on the last version software
* all free features are enabled
* we’re doing the IT job : maintenance (software update) and realtime monitoring, secure control.
* we implement last security technology : firewalling, encryption, intrusion prevention with opensource softwares and operating system. we protect your data instance location all over the world : North America, Europe, Asia

One-year contract, you renew (or not) on anniversary date.
helping center in english, french and spanish via E-mail : we really help our customers to use our softwares !
in option : domain name, mails, … : just ask !!





Beautiful & responsive Interface

Staytus has a default theme which is both sexy and responsive. It works well on desktop, tablet and mobile. You can always design your own themes, if you’d prefer.


Track issues as they happen

Your status site can keep track of issues as they happen. Just login to the admin UI and add issues and continuously post updates as the issue progresses.


Publish your maintenance sessions

Every app/network needs some scheduled maintenance. Add your maintenance sessions and they’ll be announced on your status site. Once in progress you can then provide updates as and when needed.


Allow visitors to subscribe by e-mail

When issues happen, it’s a good idea to let customer’s know as quickly as possible. With Staytus, visitors can enter their e-mail address and we’ll automatically notify them when you add new issues or maintenance sessions.


Update from your external apps

Staytus includes a JSON API which allows you to update statuses from external applications & sources. If you’ve got your own monitoring system, you can hook it up to update your status site.


Share your site with your colleagues

As status site is only as good as the data you put in. Empower your whole team to add new updates when issues arise to ensure customers are always informed.

Staytus in details

What is staytus ?
What looks like staytus ?



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