Nextcloud Hosting Single Account

Nextcloud Single Account
50 GB
Nextcloud Single Account
100 GB
Nextcloud Single Account
200 GB

25€ or $25 /year

I take advantage

41€ or $41 /year

I take advantage
80€ or $80 /year
70€ or $70 /year

I take advantage

included with your service

Access: 1 individual access account allowing you to use a Nextcloud service in the latest stable version.

Online Office : Office OnlyOffice Document Server included.

Zero management: Nextcloud service managed by us (updated service and applications)

Applications enable : contacts, calendars, mails, notes, deck, task, bookmarks, galery,, news, polls, passwords, talk

Scalability : increase your storage volume whenever you want.

Choose location : between Europe, North-America or Asia.

optional for your single account

Upgrade to a dedicated service : a single account is no longer enough for you, migrate your individual account to a dedicated nextcloud service, you will have the possibility of creating several user accounts, installing the nextcloud applications of your choice or managing updates As you wish.

Why use Nextcloud as an individual account

Nextcloud is a very complete software for a very varied use: backup, collaboration, synchronization of data between several terminals for example.

The proposed service allows you not to perform the administration of the server: we take care of everything. You just have to use it !!!

The offer allows scalability according to your needs: increase in storage volume. use of the basic applications offered (online office, calendar, contact management, note taking tool in particular).

Nextcloud clients for any device

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