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Family Usecase – from google services to Nextcloud

Not sure everyone knows that alternative to google services

I’m not sure everyone knows that an alternative to google services exists. Take the case of a family of 4 (one PC, one laptop, 2 mobiles, a tablet, a connected TV): how to send emails? gmail ! How to organize family life? gcalendar !! How to share school phone numbers, doctor, …? gcontact !!! How to share photos with your family ? google photos !!!! How to save photos taken on your mobile? gdrive !!!!!

Nextcloud (opensource software) addresses all these issues in one place: backup / data sharing, messaging, contacts and calendars => all in one place.

What does OpenITStore do? we install Nextcloud, secure it and maintain it. And to complete your private cloud, you can choose a domain name, allowing you to communicate with your own name: and especially for your mailboxes.
Do not hesitate, ask for a free trial:

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