My blog free software- Open IT Store.

The blog de Open IT Store is to inform about free software.

The differents free softwares are:

  • Nextcloud avec OnlyOffice Docs et/Collabora to have a complete office suite . Store/backup your files. Work/collaborate online. Nextcloud offers a wide choice of uses. Nextcloud is multi-users
  • Dolibarr to have a ERP/CRM a complete tool of fulfilling many functions. Dolibarr for all business management, it is all in one suite. You enable only the feature you need. It is sales, human resources, logistic, stock, invoicing, accounting,manufacturing…etc.
  • Talk- BigBlueButton- Moodle for a modern videoconference that guaranties your security. And also the tools for any tools learning and webinar training.
  • WordPress- Matomo for a modern website and the control. For to have tons de features as SEO, forms, pricing table… 40 000 plugins to help you to make the website that you dream! Matomo it is anayltics for website.
  • Discourse – civilized discussion for your community. Engage in searchable discussions with your most avid customers, superfans and fellow team members, every day.
  • Ghost for a blog in the website.
  • Rocket-chat for communications platform. is free, unlimited and open-source . It replace Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.
  • Peertube -Bookstack-Firefly-iii- Snipe IT…
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